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Become a Successful Introducer

As an Introducer, all you have to do is refer clients to CFDTimes , and you will be rewarded for it.

Collaborating with CFDTimes Partners is an additional opportunity for you to expand your current business and receive an additional income.

  • Choose from a diverse range of structures, including Franchises, Ibs.
  • Multilevel System
  • Up to $10 per lot
  • An attractive and flexible rebate scheme is offered
  • Authorized partner / Regional representative"



You have a large network of clients or acquaintances which you can refer to CFDTimes and constantly expand on your network.


You provide traders and investors with training courses by hosting seminars and workshops in your region.


You are a very experienced partner who has been working in the Forex market in your region for a long time and have your own client base and Introducers. You can apply to become an authorized regional representative of CFDTimes Partners in your region. This status will allow you to get additional support from CFDTimes Partners including branding of your office, hosting of special contests, access to promotions and other rewards.

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Multi - level - marketing rebate tiers

The Introducers Program’s rebate plans aren’t just about quantity and variety, but quality as well. Under the MLM tier structure, your clients can decide to become Introducers themselves, in which case you get even more by earning from the active traders they bring. This layered system opens the door to an infinite number of profit-making possibilities.

Modern & customizable tools

Through the CFDTimes Partners Introducers Program, you also have access to tools that will assist you in finding and meeting active traders. Along with a variety of modern Reporting Tools, you get customized banners, giveaways and a vast amount of features designed specifically for your clients upon request.

Wide choice of rebate schemes

Choose from a multiple range of progressive or fixed rebate plans and enjoy a lifetime’s worth of commission from your active clients. It’s very simple: the more active clients you have and the more they trade, the higher your rebate, and as long as they keep trading, you keep earning.



Apply online

Start by filling out our application form and questionnaire.


Send us documents

Upload documents (ID and utility bill or a recent bank statement).



Deposit and start trading with us. All 3 steps will take you only 24 hours!